GripTil plastic floor was chosen by a top car racing team Racing21. Two crews Racing21 starts in this season, the first car is driven by a successful racer Vojtech Stajf and the second car well-known singer Daniel Landa.

They chose a combination of the green and gray plastic floor in the hard version for both cars. The area is large enough to accommodate not only both vehicles but also for mechanics, tools and spare parts.

As can be seen at the pictures, the GripTil flooring system not only improves the appearance and underlines the design of the team, but it is mainly functional. All car parts can be placed on the plastic surface without any risk of damage and the flexible surface will protect them even if they fall down. The perforated surface also absorbs dust and dirt and the floor is permanently clean. In the event of rain, water under the floor flows away and the surface is permanently dry and does not slip. We believe that both teams will be happy with our floor and wish them a successful season.

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