The perforated surface of the plastic floor offers several advantages when applied in a garage. During rain or in winter months, water flows from vehicles, or falls off and melts the snow. The plastic surface with holes and the channel system under 16mm high floor ensures drainage so people don’t have to move in water or snow slush. Access ramps and corners make it easier for vehicles to enter the garage. Expensive vehicle parts or tools will not be damaged if they fall on the plastic floor. If the floor is damaged at any point, thanks to the modular design it is sufficient to replace only the damaged segment without having to dismantle the entire floor.

In addition to utility properties, this application also has an aesthetic function. The design of the garage floor can be in various combinations of colors and shapes according to the owner’s requirements. When applied to older areas or crumbled floors, the surface gets a whole new aesthetic and functional level. The existing surface does not need to be modified, the plastic floor is laid directly on the existing floor, it is not necessary to fix or glue it.

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