Plastic plugs – endcaps are a group of products that serve as protection of the inner space as well as the ends of various closed profiles, especially steel pipes.


During transport and storage, the pipes must be protected against mechanical damage and the ingress of dirt into the pipe. The simplest way how to protect is to put an outer or inner plastic plug on both ends of the pipe.

end cap


Plastic endcaps serve as protection for the pipe ends, as a dust cover and, in the case of external plugs, also prevent the stored pipes from touching each other. They are used especially for pipes that have their ends adapted for welding and their increased protection for transport and handling is necessary.

Our endcaps have an increased wall thickness and are made of flexible material, so they provide above-standard protection and at the same time hold well on the pipe during transport and storage. Standard caps are made in red from high-density polyethylene. The size range is from 2 7/8 ” to 16″, which corresponds to common pipe diameters. In reasonable quantities, we can make the plugs in custom color or of another type of plastic. If there is a special requirement, we can offer the design and development of special caps according to the needs of our customers, including the production of the required mold. The table shows the basic types that we offer. The table shows the basic types that we offer, the drawing of the plug is under the link of the pipe diameter.

Pipe Diameter Lenght Weight Material
2 7/8″ 73,0 mm 86 mm 75 g Polyethylene
4″ 101,6 mm 87 mm 114 g Polyethylene
4 1/2″ 114,3 mm 93 mm 152 g Polyethylene
5 1/2″ 139,7 mm 103 mm 188 g Polyethylene
6 5/8″ 168,0 mm 93 mm 236 g Polyethylene
7″ 177,8 mm 109 mm 332 g Polyethylene
8″ 190,0 mm 113 mm 325 g Polyethylene
9 5/8″ 244,5 mm 151 mm 869 g Polyethylene
16″ 406,0 mm 99 mm 785 g Polyethylene


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end caps
end cap


Simultaneously with the realization of projects and products for customers, we manufacture and sell a number of our products for various market segments. The basic assortment is given below.

Thread Protectors

Plastic protectors are protecting the thread of oil pipes for transport.

Bumper Rings

Bumper rings protect pipes surface during handling, transport or storage.

Plastic Caps

Plastic caps serve as protection for pipe ends and as a dust cover.

Transport Frames

The pipes are stored in protective frames during transport and handling.

Plastic Floor

Modular plastic floor system consisting of square segments 25x25cm.

Plastic Feet

Plastic feet are a support element and floor protection for mounted racks.

Rubber Floor

Very durable and flexible modular floor with a segment size of 50x50cm.

Plastic Handles

Handles of various shapes serve as a handling element of cardboard packing.


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