Protective transport frames belong to a group of products that serve as protection for pipes during handling, transport, or storage.


The pipes must be protected from mechanical damage during transport and storage. Pipe handling must also be efficient and safe. The usual way to achieve this is to place the pipes in protective / transport frames.

pipe transport frame


In 1982, the American company Drilltec introduced transport frames for oil and gas pipes called RAP. Over the years, the system has been constantly developed and improved, and currently, our company manufactures and supplies RAP systems under their license.

The RAP pipe transport frames consist of two components. The first of these are plastic segments – spacers that have curved beds corresponding to the diameter of the transported pipe. These segments are placed between the individual layers so that the pipes are fixed in all directions against movement and cannot touch each other. The second components are threaded rods, textile straps, or steel frames, which hold the segments together to form a solid package of pipes of dimensions suitable for international transport. At the same time, these frames are used for lifting the entire bale with a crane and the necessary handling.

The frames are supplied in three versions.

  • RAP – segments are vertically pulled together by threaded rods
  • ECONO RAP – the segments are vertically pulled together with textile straps
  • LE RAP – segments are inserted into massive steel frames

The RAP transport system is manufactured for pipe diameters from 2 2/3 “to 9 5/8”. The diameter of the pipes then corresponds to the maximum number of pipes that can be stored in one package, where it is from 56 pieces of pipes with a diameter of 2 2/3 “to 4 pieces of pipes with a diameter of 9 5/8”.

As this is a lifting device, all transport frames are equipped with the appropriate certification and must be regularly inspected.


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pipe transport frame


Simultaneously with the realization of projects and products for customers, we manufacture and sell a number of our products for various market segments. The basic assortment is given below.

Thread Protectors

Plastic protectors are protecting the thread of oil pipes for transport.

Bumper Rings

Bumper rings protect pipes surface during handling, transport or storage.

Plastic Caps

Plastic caps serve as protection for pipe ends and as a dust cover.

Transport Frames

The pipes are stored in protective frames during transport and handling.

Plastic Floor

Modular plastic floor system consisting of square segments 25x25cm.

Plastic Feet

Plastic feet are a support element and floor protection for mounted racks.

Rubber Floor

Very durable and flexible modular floor with a segment size of 50x50cm.

Plastic Handles

Handles of various shapes serve as a handling element of cardboard packing.


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