Plastic floor is a modern floor covering modular construction offering a wide range of use in all areas of the business as well as in the private sector.


The GripTil plastic floor system is a universal plastic floor covering with useful properties and a wide range of use.



It is a modular plastic floor, where the basic element of the system is the tile 250 x 250 mm and a height of 16 mm. The individual segments of the system are connected by plastic connectors, which are included in the appropriate number for each module. The surface is non-slip, there are holes with a diameter of 12 mm on the surface. Safe entry to the created surface is solved through a straight and corner ramp.

Description and properties

The wide range of use of the GripTil floor is supported by modular construction, quick and easy assembly and disassembly, the color range of the elements, and the material used. The system is very variable and can be laid almost anywhere. It can be used wherever it is necessary to create an aesthetic surface with useful properties at a reasonable price. At the same time, it is used in areas where there is a presumption of time-limited use. The installed floor can be easily dismantled without the use of tools and placed in another location. Installation is very easy, laying a square meter takes about 2 minutes, disassembly is just as simple. If the space is irregular in size, the required shapes are simply cut with a knife or saw. More detailed information and examples of installations can be found on a separate website

  • the modular system of tiles with a basic dimension of 250 x 250 x 16 mm

  • interchangeable couplings for easy connection and disassembly

  • the base material and pigments do not contain any toxic substances

  • resistance to most chemicals, oils, paints, acids, solvents

  • stability and resistance in the temperature range from -40° C to + 60° C

  • easy cleaning in all ways – pressure, chemical, vacuuming, wiping

  • floor system with permanent properties and the possibility of multiple installations

  • basic colors – black, white, red, green, blue, yellow, gray, orange, brown

Type Standard

The basic soft version is designed for the movement of people and light transport equipment. It ensures the improvement of working conditions at the place of installation such as an increase of anti-slip and anti-dust properties, vibration damping, noise reduction, workplace insulation, etc.

Type Hard

The hard version is designed for more stressed floors with loads and handling equipment, or parking and travel of vehicles. Like the soft version, the hard version has anti-slip and anti-dust properties, dampens vibrations, insulates the floor, and perfectly drains water under the surface.

System basic elements

  • basic tile 250 x 250 x 16 mm (1 m2 = 16 tiles)

  • straight ramp 250 x 137 x 16/2 mm

  • corner ramp 137 x 137 x 16/2 mm


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Simultaneously with the realization of projects and products for customers, we manufacture and sell a number of our products for various market segments. The basic assortment is given below.

Thread Protectors

Plastic protectors are protecting the thread of oil pipes for transport.

Bumper Rings

Bumper rings protect pipes surface during handling, transport or storage.

Plastic Caps

Plastic caps serve as protection for pipe ends and as a dust cover.

Transport Frames

The pipes are stored in protective frames during transport and handling.

Plastic Floor

Modular plastic floor system consisting of square segments 25x25cm.

Plastic Feet

Plastic feet are a support element and floor protection for mounted racks.

Rubber Floor

Very durable and flexible modular floor with a segment size of 50x50cm.

Plastic Handles

Handles of various shapes serve as a handling element of cardboard packing.


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